Saturday, December 4, 2021

Z-Poems ।। Arun Das

 Z-Poems ।। What name do I give you today?


                         ~ Arun Das


Whose smell is written in the sweat of your pain and imagination?

At body warmth? 

Whose smell do I leave to the unbalanced time  written in the blood? 

Whose care of wind is blown all over your sick body.....l write, only his name in the page after page.


The dead river didn't tell me her name

I keep my fallen footprints in her dry fringe silently. 

Fresh birds fly away, touching her lifeless water.

Thorn clouds store in her curvy breasts

Today, I spread the smell of shadows in sun blue leaves

The spellbound Sun opens the hem.

I see him at the turning point.

In the downpour

Returning home with the fresh Sunshine.

The juvenile river that dwells as the sun in the yard of the mind,

....... becomes the woman of my dreams.


You are not woman, not even lady 

Teenage youthful stream

You just love

Love like moonlight color

Whose blown ashes.......

Poison of the evening.......

Makes everything beautiful

Men see me, you are just a lady's nest.

Let's merge to Mahua fragrant night

Broken the familiar fringe the water, where fireflies hides their faces.


Oneday the Sun will break the canvas and merge with the moon.

In the illusory moonlight

The calm river wipes the eyes upon your breast.

The moonlight plays in the calm smoke.

The night flies

The darkness of the eye broke in a night.

I uncovered the deceased moon upon the call of intense shadow.

In the midst of dead dreams.

I scribed more darkness in my heart than the care I have showed you.


Who became blue in the body odor of spring water?

—You, he's just you.

 Whose gray leaves keep the darkness?

- Yours, only yours.

I keep the night open today

I keep the tree open

Lamp colored air

I overlay Mahua fragrance on my eyes

In the eyes of the shy night

The lost river wakes up  in the green darkness

I broke........

The heart

The flower

The woman

The song of the Moonlight fairy 

One day to break, I wiped you out in the dark ...


You are, yet why am I lonely in your darkness?


Today, in the awakening light of heart, our sad waters lie ...

Wakes up lying down

When come back, the sign of sky fell on on the leaves

Is happiness in the blind light better than darkness?

Go back to the city of the dead,  as not to grieve for the dead wind

Hide yourself in the algae-colored lake

Even today,

Those  silent deposits are on the fallen leaves

Crowds of lost eyes

When the desert wakes up

Inside the erased memory

All those silent nights, with wet hair painted by Alpana....

Called by name

Yet, with love, all the darkness of the world could be removed.

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